A quirky and lovable fisherman fights to keep his livelihood through years of illness.

Homard Au Coeur

Sunday October 16 – 2pm  “An Afternoon by the Sea”

Director – Jenna Marks

Jenna Marks is from and lives in Nova Scotia and was encouraged from her early years to go into art school. Through her education at NSCAD Jenna fell into the art form of film and animation through its diverse collaborations of the visual, audio and sensory art forms.

Through the program Hot House through the National Film Board and her life long love of working with her hands Jenna felt a passion rise in her for the art form of animation, especially that of stop motion filmmaking and she has continued to harness and hone the art form into her own unique path.

Jennas work is greatly inspired by the world around her and from her own experiences. She is known for, How You Turned into a Fish (2016) and What Happened to Esther (2013).