When Tomomi loses her job in Vancouver due to COVID-19, she and her husband move to his parents’ elk farm in Saskatchewan in the middle of winter.

Tomomi Kato works as a sushi chef at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, while her husband Craig works in the city’s film industry. When they both lose their jobs in the span of a few days, Craig suggests they travel to Saskatchewan to stay on his parents’ farm. They can help plant a garden and work with the elk.

When they arrive, they’re greeted by -15 C temperatures and a metre of snow.

Tomomi has never experienced a Canadian winter. So begins her journey — months in frigid, rural Saskatchewan, a place she hardly knows.

Tomomi on the Farm

Craig Range is an award-winning writer/director/cinematographer and producer. He was raised on an elk and buffalo ranch a few kilometers from the hamlet of Livelong Saskatchewan.

Craig graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a double honours degree in Political Studies and Economics in 2005. He has lived and worked across Canada as an oil worker, tree planter, farm worker, stone mason, musician and filmmaker. The years of working and travelling have given him a deep appreciation for the multitude of lives and experiences that are contained within Canada.

Craig is working on developing multiple projects in the future both in the music video and short film formats.