The Valravn is a dramatic fantasy horror film based on Danish folklore. Set in the Viking age, it tells the story of a man named Einar, desperate to save his deathly ill wife, Hulda. With nowhere else to turn he seeks out a dark and mysterious creature known as a Valravn, with whom he bargains to save her life … but it comes at a horrific cost.

2021 Canadian Media Educators (CME) National Student Awards: Producer Nicolas Mackenzie and writer/director Spencer Hetherington received the 2021 Award of Excellence in the Video Long Drama or Comedy category for the 18-minute thriller, ‘The Valravn.’ Based on Viking folklore, ‘The Valravn’ was made by the third-year graduating cohort as a class project and featured local acting talent Josh Bainbridge, Stephanie Kast, Sebastien Godin and Nancy Thompson.

It was shot on the same camera being used by James Cameron in the making of the new Avatar series.

“This film was the result of hard work and determination,” MacKenzie said. “It was only possible because of all the great cast and crew we worked with. It is truly an honour to accept this award.”

Hetherington said the project was “fairly ambitious” to begin with, adding that COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time were an added complexity.

He said he is grateful Canadore provided an amazing opportunity and resources, and that the film made it through to completion.

“It’s certainly an honour for the film to be recognized by the Canadian Media Educators. Everyone involved worked very hard to bring the film to life, and I’m grateful for that,” Hetherington said.

Hetherington also received the Award of Excellence in the Video Short Drama or Comedy for writing, directing and editing, ‘The Day The Embers Burned Cold,’ his nine-minute second-year auteur film, described by Canadore as a film dealing with the sensitive phenomenon of school shootings in a uniquely thoughtful, provocative and nuanced way.