“A visit with my father – Gerard Luther Clarkes. A man who unmakes and remakes the world, daily.

I made a wee doc about my dad. It’s something I’ve been intending to do for years, but was motivated by his current solo exhibition Gerard Clarkes: A Haunted Land, on at The Confederation Centre Art Gallery until June 16, 2021. He is a force of personality and creative expression. He is a man who has always lived one step out of time. I have him to thank for most of the deep thinks I ever thought.

Making a film about ones parent smacks of nepotism, I know. But I swear he is documentary-gold, father or not.”

Mille Clarkes

Millefiore Clarkes is an award-winning filmmaker and editor from Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island. Through her company One Thousand Flowers Productions she produces a variety of media work: documentaries, music videos, drama, experimental shorts, and video installations. She received the 2019 DOC Institute’s Vanguard Award. Her films have screened at festivals internationally and been broadcast nationally. She has directed four documentaries for The NFB: THE SONG AND THE SORROW, LOVE IN QUARANTINE, BLUE RODEO – ON THE ROAD, and ISLAND GREEN.