A useless, damaged, forgotten block of marble after years of neglect, emerges as one of the greatest and most beautiful works of art.

The Abandoned Block

Born to a family of doctors in Rochester Minnesota, James Bourne took a career path in the arts instead of the family profession. After high school, he was accepted into Brigham Young University’s Center for Animation. Since graduating with a BFA in Visual Arts Animation he has worked in various departments for different animation studios including Blue Sky, Bardel, and Moonbot. Currently living in British Columbia, James now specializes in storyboarding for animation and film. Much of his inspiration for storytelling comes from history and mythology, both of which are sacred to him. The Abandoned Block is his directorial debut. After storyboarding for television series in Vancouver, his future goals are to storyboard and direct for Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks, and be a creator and showrunner for several pilot episodes he is currently pitching.