A diagnosis of prostate cancer inspires multidisciplinary artist Max Dean to begin an all-consuming creative project that offers an unconventional first-hand account of a disease that affects one in six men. In STILL MAX, the artist enlists a team of discarded figures from a decommissioned amusement ride to help him negotiate his diagnosis. The idea of fixing oneself and others takes on a poignant and pressing meaning as the artist’s partner, Martha Fleury is confronted with an aggressive cancer. The question, “how do we fix ourselves?” is central to this emotional humanist portrait of creativity, resilience, hope, art and cancer.


Katherine Knight co-founded Site Media to create films on artists and creative process in relation to experiences of place. In 2014, Strange and Familiar: Architecture on Fogo Island was awarded Best Canadian Documentary at Montreal’s International Festival of Films on Art. Spring & Arnaud, a chronicle of art, love and mortality in the lives and work of Spring Hurlbut and Arnaud Maggs, achieved a Top Ten Audience Award at Hot Docs 2013. Knight is also known for her photographic work as an artist and is a recipient of the Duke and Duchess of York Prize from the Canada Council recognizing excellence in photography.