A teenage girl’s obsession with dolls leads her down a dark path. 

Kelly Caseley is a filmmaker born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Canada. For over two decades she has been working in theatre and film in various capacities ranging from stage management through to set construction, production design and even acting. Though very versatile on and off screen, she first tried her hand at directing only two years ago. Her first project, music video Lie for hiphop artist Problematic proved to be hugely popular, garnering over 100,000 views in its first 2 weeks on Youtube. Kelly took to directing as a natural, and was eager to dive into her next project. Gustav-The Snow Chef, her first short, was selected to air on CBC’s Short Film Face-off, and from there she moved to Aww, Shucks! a 5 episode comedic series for FibeTV. Her years of experience on set in various capacities have given her an excellent base to jump off from in this new role. Sorry, Mommy was the first horror based piece she has worked on, but her hope is that there are more opportunities in this genre to come.