Located in northwestern Prince Edward Island (Epekwitk), in close proximity to the Lennox Island First Nation, there is a chain of islands known in the Mi’kmaq language as Pituamkek (Bee-doo-um-gek), which means ‘At the Long Sand Dune’, and in English as Hog Island and the Sandhills. Pituamkek has helped sustain the Mi’kmaq people on Epekwik for thousands of years. This film celebrates the lands of Pituamkek: its nature and its Mi’kmaw traditions, and profiles work underway to create an Indigenous Protected Area and National Park Reserve there.

Pituamkek: A Mi’kmaq Heritage Landscape

Producer/Director John Hopkins is a Canadian filmmaker with UK, Syrian and Lebanese mixed heritage, whose family eventually immigrated to Prince Edward Island. Hopkins graduated in Film Studies and Political Science at Carleton University, studied Media Arts at Sheridan College, and has since won over 20 Canadian and international awards. As a Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and Editor, his work has been broadcast on CTV, CBC, Bravo, Arte, WDR, RT, TVO, The Doc and Discovery Channels, Hulu, iTunes, Playstation, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and many others. In the spirit of reconciliation with First Nations, he was recently commissioned by the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI, L’nuey, and Parks Canada to produce, direct, and lens Pituamkek (2021).