During the COVID-19 lockdown, Arjun, an immigrant at-home caregiver in Canada, is caught in an emotional conflict between his dreams and duty.

An immigrant’s worst nightmare is losing someone they love in their home country and not being able to reach or be there on time. ‘Paradox of Life’ shows us a glimpse of an immigrant’s life, their sacrifices, struggles and painful experiences which are aggravated during COVID.

Jahan Bloch moved to PEI, Canada in 2019 from Mumbai, India. Hailing from a family whose primary occupation is filmmaking. She experienced life on the sets since an early age. She has worked in multiple Indian feature films as a child actor, assistant director and also playing a lead actor in one of them. Since moving to Canada she has worked in various projects as an assistant director, script supervisor and assistant editor. ‘Paradox of Life’ is her directorial debut.