Mary Sexton’s mother, the family matriarch, dies just before the pandemic hits. Following her death, Mary’s plans to transition her sister — who is elderly and has a mental disability — from the family home to a seniors’ residence are disrupted by the COVID-19 lockdown. The result: isolation, frustration and emotional stress. Her close-knit family draws on their late mother’s inspirational example to get them through.

The film explores the challenges faced by the Sexton family in St. John’s, Newfoundland during the pandemic.

It also looks at the parallels between the public response to COVID-19 and to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the ‘80s, as told by friends and family of the late Tommy Sexton. Tommy, Mary’s brother, died from complications due to AIDS and was a member of the Canadian comedy troupe Codco.

Me, Mom & Covid

Sunday October 24 – 2pm
“CBC Presents . . .”

Nik Sexton is a Newfoundland filmmaker who spent 15 years working on the Rick Mercer Report. ( CBC) Nik Sexton is known for his work on Good People (2020), How to Be Deadly (2014) and How To Be Deadly (2012).