Inveterate daydreamer Tina MacNeil locks herself out of her apartment building, and her efforts to get back inside reveal how her struggle with the way her own mind works is impacting her life. English Subtitles

Keep Going | Cùm Romhad

Keep Going

Joyce MacDonald is a storyteller from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been writing down stories for almost three decades. She spent five years as a newspaper reporter at small town papers, where she wrote about everything from the harrowing experiences of Residential School survivors to the heartwarming rescue of a box of kittens by a snow plow driver during a storm.

As an adult, she learned to speak her heritage language, Scottish Gaelic, and she is passionate about using it in her life, as well as passing it on to others. She works at Colaisde na Gàidhlig/The Gaelic College as a Gaelic teacher and library keeper.

She turned to writing short film scripts during lockdown in early 2021, and directed her first short film in October 2021. She is already planning her next film project.