Picking up immediately where the video for ‘Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That’ left off, Andrew Waite’s journey takes a turn into a different universe. After an unexplained journey into a plastic building brick world, he finds himself waking up on the side of the road as a plastic toy, and late for a music video shoot. His journey will take him through a plastic building brick world, past some familiar faces, and with time running out he needs to get to that video shoot before it’s too late!

Full Time Tryin 2 Luv

Brendan Henry is on a strong trajectory, taking his international TV broadcast experience, and his professional training in VFX compositing, and merging them with his love of the performing arts. The result is captivating music videos with unique and varying perspectives on how stories can be told through music, and how video artists can work with musicians to create collaborate pieces of visual art that serve to amplify the musician’s message in a bold visual way. Brendan’s education in music and sound design also allows him to connect himself very closely with the music, to further explore the relationship between the notes and the screen.