A young trans woman returns home after the death of her mother to keep a promise to repair her relationship with her estranged Dad. As they begin to restore the old family tractor, they cautiously rebuild their relationship and come to understand the mechanics of the heart.

When a young woman with a startling resemblance to John Andrew’s wife Miranda appears days before her funeral, John Andrew MacGinnis begins an odyssey towards understanding. His son Donald is now Dawn, home to mourn her mother and repair the estrangement with her Dad. As Dawn reconnects with her sister Tammy and her fiancé Byron, a new family order begins to emerge. 

An ancient tractor becomes a focus for the mechanically-minded Dawn, but John Andrew’s long-simmering resentments about the tractor heighten family tensions.   

Watching his child work to restore the tractor, he realises reclaiming this relationship means his own coming out: supporting Dawn publicly, and fighting the malicious transphobe whose vicious acts threaten Dawn and her family.   

As they restore the family tractor and work towards showing it as a kind of memorial to Dawn’s mom, Dawn and her Dad cautiously rebuild their relationship and come to understand the mechanics of the heart.

Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor

Shelley Thompson

Shelley Thompson: An award-winning performer and 13 season veteran of the cult hit Trailer Park boys, Thompson is based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Thompson trained at: RADA (UK), Canadian Film Centre (Screenwriting 2015), Women In The Directors Chair (Story and Leadership 2016/17) and was recently 1of 12 screenwriters selected from over 1000 for the NY Writers Lab 2018 (supported by Meryl Streep/Nicole Kidman) for her feature script Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor. Her work as an actor included: The National Theatre (UK), Adelphi and Whitehall Theatres, (West End), numerous UK regional theatres, the Shaw Festival, the Neptune, the Globe and more in Canada. Television/film includes Trailer Park Boys (Barb Lahey) six seasons of ITV- UK’s Mike and Angelo (Rita) and numerous guest starring performances. Also known for her role in the cult film Labyrinth with David Bowie. She’s the recipient of Geminis/ACTRA nominations/awards for film/TV performances: The Child Remains (ACTRA Award 2018) TTrailer Park Boys (Gemini) and recently received Outstanding Performance by an Actress at FIN (2018) for her role in Thom Fitzgerald’s latest feature – Splinters. Her short films are screening internationally. Pearls has won accolades (Audience Choice, Best Short) and played at over 30 festivals. Her latest short, Duck Duck Goose won Best Atlantic Short at FIN (2018 Halifax International Film Festival) and was recently selected by Telefilm Canada as one of ten shorts for Not Short On Talent at Clermont-Ferrand (February 2019). It will be playing at festivals in the US, Europe and Canada in 2019.