Runtime: 8 mins 33 sec
Director:  Israel Ekanem

When you lose a loved one by suicide, a part of you questions life, yourself and more.

The nagging questions: is there something I could have done?
Did I miss anything?
We feel powerless. 

I believe a positive approach would be to talk more, to make safe space for people to reach out when they need help. Threnody gives a window to thoughts that lead to such decisions. I hope this feel leads to a conversation.

Uncomfortable? Possibly but essential.

DIRECTOR – Israel Ekanem

Israel Ekanem is a storyteller. He was introduced to the art of storytelling by his grandmother, Lydia and he fell in love with it. Storytelling has been his passion for years. The stories he initially shared would be spoken or written but he always felt the camera would give the stories more life.

He got a camcorder as a birthday gift and he has been shooting and sharing stories ever since.

His films include the award-winning films “We Watched The Clouds Form Shapes” “Drown The Lovers”, “Dearg” and “Tale of the Man Who Whispered To Flowers”

He believes that a story, properly told can change the world, one person at a time.

He hopes to keep telling stories for as long as he lives.