The Irving Tower

Runtime: 2 mins 52 sec
Director:  Olivia King

“the irving tower” is a transcription, record, and interpretation of a conversation King and their mother had with a man while filming an abandoned gas station in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

The conversation was only altered slightly to remove the man describing exactly where he lives in relation to the Irving tower. Mini DV tape and 2D animation are used to illustrate an organic conversation that dances around the housing crisis in Charlottetown, the island way; through word of mouth.

DIRECTOR – Olivia King

Olivia King

Olivia King is an interdisciplinary artist whose work often critiques their home province, Prince Edward Island, through comedy. They received a BFA in Film with a minor in Art History from NSCAD in 2019 after directing two shorts: For Emma (FIN: Atlantic Film Festival, Charlottetown Film Festival) and The Island (Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Charlottetown Film Festival). They have also shown their exhibition “The Island” at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in June of 2019.