Sanctus Gladio

Runtime: 14 mins 08 sec
Director:  Daniel Brown

A Catholic priest finds a sword in his church. His ability to use it is tested by an uncanny visitor.

Director Statement

Sanctus Gladio (a Latin phrase for “holy sword”) is my first serious short film. The spirit of this story was to humanize priesthood and reflect on the responsibilities it entails in our modern day. My hope is that it resonates with people of all beliefs and maybe even stirs some discussion.

DIRECTOR – Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is an emerging filmmaker from Prince Edward Island, Canada. By trade he’s a journalist, which has taught him how to tell engaging and well-structured stories. He loves filming comedy sketches with his friends, and is working actively to succeed creatively and share his bigger stories – both the silly and the serious ones. He founded and directs Neato Films.