Hot or Not

Runtime: 10 mins
Director:  Ryan McCarvill

A plucky young reporter is doing streeter-style interviews on a topic on all our minds – why do millenials struggle so hard in relationships.

An old man and a young man both deliver the same answer – they’re fucking idiots. 

The young man, Jake, wanders off to set up his next bad date. This particular encounter is unsuccessful because he can’t get her off. She finishes the job with a vibrator after she thinks he has fallen asleep. 

Gutted by his fear of inadequacy, Jake goes off to be consoled/diagnosed by his BFF Hayley. Hayley gives him some pragmatic advice despite being distracted by her firefighter date who is on his way. 

After shooing Jake out, her romp promptly goes wrong after her date is called away before satisfying her. Like Jake’s date, Hayley finds herself having to take matters into her own hands. 

When she’s done, she discovers Jake still at her stoop. In a touching moment, the two quietly commiserate while searching for their next date. 

Meanwhile, our plucky young reporter sits alone, staring at her phone, stood-up once again.

DIRECTOR – Ryan McCarvill

Ryan McCarvill is a writer, director, and producer from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Ryan directs commercial spots with production studio Furrow Content and narrative films and music videos through his production company Retrospective Pictures, founded in 2015. His music video for pop-punk group Little Cities (“Safety First” featuring Vince the Messenger) was released on Buzzfeed in March 2019.