The City of Charlottetown presents

Hello Eckhart – Free Family Fun!



Boss Mouse’s latest scheme is a new product called “Happy Juice,” which is guaranteed to hold “happifying powers.” The potion is so popular that he begins to export it to the Mouse Market and the big town of Summerside. But when a water shortage threatens Crumbfest Cove, Eckhart begins to suspect that Happy Juice may not be so happy at all.


Eckhart wishes with all his heart that he could find his father and bring him back to the family. Mingo, a charismatic traveler, lands by way of hot air balloon in Crumbfest Cove. In hopes of swindling some food and rest, Mingo states that he has seen Eckhart’s father in Emerald Junction, and he agrees to take Eckhart on a search, later. Sooner than later, Eckhart ends up in the air without Mingo, navigating the balloon to Emerald Junction. Eckhart masters the balloon, and upon arrival, his father is nowhere to be found. Mingo has lied, but Eckhart realizes that Mingo likes to make up stories because he wishes to sound important and famous. Wishes can be very powerful, but it is important to remember that there are no guarantees.