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CASTING WITHOUT AN AGENT: Tips, Tricks, True Stories. 

A conversation between Adam Perry [Writer, Director] and Producer Mary Young Leckie [MAUDIE, HALIFAX EXPLOSION}.

Mary Young Leckie, Creative Producer

Mary Young Leckie’s over 30-year career as a creative producer is best described as a celebration of the stories of this young country, Canada.  With more than 70 hours of original premium scripted content in television and film, and most recently in live theatre, Leckie has been drawn to stories that have their roots firmed planted north of the 49​th​parallel while finding audiences for those stories around the world. 

From her 1988 feature film WHERE THE SPIRIT LIVES; the first and still the best dramatic telling of Canada’s Native Residential School story; to a hat-trick of movies about Canadian teens who changed the world (Prom Queen, Tagged, Spirit Bear); to the legendary four part series THE ARROW, the story of the greatest moment in Canadian aerospace design; to her epic disaster mini-series SHATTERED CITY; THE HALIFAX EXPLOSION, Leckie has brought Canadian stories front and centre in the conversation with powerful, emotional and engaging storytelling by some of the world’s finest writers, directors and cast. 

Adam Perry is an award winning writer and director from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. His most recent project, A Small Fortune, marks his feature film debut and has broken new grounds for the film industry on PEI.