A Blessing from the Sea

Runtime: 17 mins 30 sec
Director:  Adam Perry

When a boat-full of money is discovered by two Irish Moss farmers, their decision to keep it leads them down a dark and violent path.

Director Statement

Having lived my entire life on Prince Edward Island, it’s easy to take for granted how much beauty this province has to offer a camera lens. We’re known for our endless beaches, our delicious seafood, and generous hospitality thanks to the millions of dollars pumped into marketing it as such. However, beneath the sunsets and smiling tourists, are small rural communities on the verge of collapse as most youth move off-Island for work. Life isn’t easy in these parts and people get by however they can. So it’s been my mission of sorts, to tell a grounded Island story that contrasts the happy place we’re labeled as, and introduce an audience to an alternative, darker perspective. I want to tell a familiar and engaging story while exposing a world and a lifestyle many Canadians have not seen captured on film before. 

A Blessing from the Sea is a found-money caper that takes place on the western coastline of PEI. When times get tough, desperate men literally scrape the seabed for Irish Moss (a seaweed used in pharmaceuticals) on giant Clydesdale horses in order to supplement their welfare. It’s dangerous work that yields very little return. Giant waves crashing against men riding horseback is an incredible image, and one that provides the basis for both the short film and the feature version in development. My uncles were Irish moss harvesters for many years and have collections of peculiar things they’ve found on the beach. It was not a far reach for me to consider the possibility that a bag of money could easily wash ashore. 

I want to dig into themes of corruption and the power money holds over us all, but at the same time introduces an audience to a part of PEI they’ve never seen on the big screen before. 

DIRECTOR – Adam Perry

Adam Perry is an award-winning screenwriter and director from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. His current project, A SMALL FORTUNE, recently completed the National Screen Institutes Feature’s First program, is currently in development with the Harold Greenberg Fund’s Shorts to Features program and was a semi-finalist in the 2016 Shore Scripts Features category.